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Westwall is the name of the German defenseline wich ran along the German west-border. It ran from from Kleve, near Nijmegen (Netherlands) to the Swiss border. Between 1936-1940 thousandfold constructions were build, from simple ant-tankditches
to complete self supporting pillboxes wich could be compared to those of the Maginotline. At the end of august 1939, 16455 constructions were finished, when you take in account that the Germans started building again from 1944 to 1945 you can imagine something of it's size and power. Little is known on this Wall, through my Site I want to share the information I gathered in the past years. I hope that the information I gathered will help you finding what you are looking for. And you can help me with your information.



The first allied (US) troops passed the German border on september 11th 1944. They faced one major obstacle, the Siegfriedline or Westwall a continous defenseline. The allied optimism of the summer 1944 disappeared in october 1944 when they were engaged in bitter fighting.


 Ltn John Woody with 3th Army on the Siegfriedline !

Three US divisions were beaten in the green hell of the Ardennen. From the Siegfriedline the nazi's launched the notorious Ardennen Offensive that caused nightmare to allied command. It was february 1945 before the allies could break the german defenseline at the cost of numerous casualties and a sea of blood.(The Siegfriedline, Charles Whiting, 1990)

Brandscheid : a typical Westwall village in the Eifel

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